Inauguration Mozilla Nirma

February 13th 2017! The day marked the beginning of a journey. We invite all to be a part of the celebrations. Mozilla Nirma is officially inaugurated today in the revered presence of Mr. Moin Shaikh, our Mozilla Guide, Prof. Swati Jain, our Faculty in Charge and Mr Ritesh Ambastha, VP Engineering, Nail Biters.

To the audience of 2nd and 3rd year students in the BTech program, Moin Shaikh sir introduced Mozilla, the opportunities, the contributors and the delight. Swati Jain ma’am shared her experiences with the open source world. Mr Ritesh Ambastha addressed the queries of students regarding the subject and shared his practice with the same.

Today, we stand as proud Mozillians, here to introduce you to the world of open source.

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