Web Literacy Program

Mozilla Nirma aimed as its first flagship event, spread web literacy among various groups in Ahmedabad. The total participants were 65.

WoMoz, collectively decided to visit a KanyaGruh, to educate little girls about Internet Services. At the SantKrupa Kanyagruh, we received a hearty welcome! The girls crowded around us amazed by the reach of the technologies. We taught them about The Web, web searches, organisation of e-mails, communication on forums like WhatsApp and Hangouts, Youtube channels and Google Docs.

At the end, we all shared ice creams to celebrate the learning. No better introduction to Open Source!



Inauguration Mozilla Nirma

February 13th 2017! The day marked the beginning of a journey. We invite all to be a part of the celebrations. Mozilla Nirma is officially inaugurated today in the revered presence of Mr. Moin Shaikh, our Mozilla Guide, Prof. Swati Jain, our Faculty in Charge and Mr Ritesh Ambastha, VP Engineering, Nail Biters.

To the audience of 2nd and 3rd year students in the BTech program, Moin Shaikh sir introduced Mozilla, the opportunities, the contributors and the delight. Swati Jain ma’am shared her experiences with the open source world. Mr Ritesh Ambastha addressed the queries of students regarding the subject and shared his practice with the same.

Today, we stand as proud Mozillians, here to introduce you to the world of open source.

Getting Started.

It all started with a phone call! The urgency, the responsibility, and the single sentence “We need to assemble our┬ácore team”. The person on the call was Jayneel Vora, lead to MozNirma. We sure had a discussion about introducing Nirma to Mozilla but, I never figured it would be so soon.

Endless planning followed with Jayneel Vora and Kavi Sanghvi. Core team decided. Everyone solidifying on their roles, eager to contribute. I still remember that one ecstatic feeling that I got when introduced to WoMoz. The name said it all : Women For Mozilla.

Minute details of the committee were traced out. What? How? When? Where? All questions answered with an amazing patience. It all felt surprisingly easy with Jayneel to guide me at every step.

A week later, I could, in a heart-warming way, introduce myself as the WoMoz lead, Nirma.

Hello Mozilla!